2004年于英国伦敦学院大学取得建筑学硕士学位,同年加入扎哈•哈迪德建筑师事务所任建筑师至2017年。 其工作范围覆盖城市、建筑、室内、家具和产品的设计、制作及施工。主要负责的大型建筑项目有广州大剧院、香港理工大学创新楼和长沙梅溪湖国际文化艺术中心等。



Founder Introduction

Jason Guo

  In 2004, Jason Guo graduated from University College London with the Master of Architecture and has been working for Zaha Hadid Architects as lead designer until 2017. His work includes urban planning, architecture, interior design and industrial design. He contributed to ZHA’s significant projects in China such as Guangzhou Opera House, Innovation Tower of Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Changsha Meixi Lake International Culture Art Centre.


  In 2015, Jason founded his own practice TurtleHill. The office located in a hundred-years-old villa renovated by Jason, along with a flower shop, a blogger and photographer’s studio. Now TurtleHill has provided architecture, landscape, interior, installation and exhibition space design services for several art institutions and commercial corporations.